Instaurer la "juste distance." Autonomie, justice et vulnérabilité dans l'oeuvre de Paul Ricœur


  • Elodie Boublil Archives Husserl de Paris (CNRS-ENS, UMR8547)



Autonomy, Justice, Vulnerability, Identity, Public Sphere


How can one overcome self-centeredness in order to care for and do justice to significant others as well as foreigners? “Establish the right distance,” is the imperative that Ricœur formulates in order to address the paradox of autonomy and vulnerability, and to reintroduce an ethical conception of justice at the heart of political power. This article shows how understanding justice in light of vulnerability leads us to take into account both the violence coextensive with social relations and political conflicts and the restoration of agency required by such circumstances. Whether it is conceived in light of difference (otherness to self), dissimilarity (recognition of each one) or interval (creative interpretation of meaning), the “right distance” that Ricœur calls for is based on a symbolic topography of the common good, which establishes a relationship of interdependence between the subject and others.

Author Biography

Elodie Boublil, Archives Husserl de Paris (CNRS-ENS, UMR8547)

Marie Curie Research Fellow