Faute, culpabilité et dette

Jeanne Marie Gagnebin


This paper attempts to analyse the relationship between Paul Ricœur and Friedrich Nietzsche starting from the specific problem of the debt that we owe to the past, that is of the legacy of the past. It is indeed a striking fact that in Memory, History, Forgetting, although Ricœur refers several times to Nietzsche, he does not take up the nietzschean analysis of the Schuld – “debt, fault”– in the Genealogy of Moral, even tacitly decline them. Starting from the importance of the notion of fault in Ricœur (particularly in The Symbolic of Evil) we will try to better understand this refusal and is hermeneutical implications.


Paul Ricœur; Friedrich Nietzsche; Schuld; Debt; Culpability

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/errs.2018.424

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