Paul Ricœur et la mémoire des proches: “Moi, les collectifs, les proches”

Anaïd Mouratian


“Me, collectives, relatives”: Ricœur refers to the subject of attribution of memory to close the first part of Memory, History, Forgetting, published in 2000. Ricœur mentions in this chapter the work of Alfred Schütz and phenomenological sociology. The exploration of an intermediate plan of memory (between personal memory and collective memory) in the relationship with loved ones will be the occasion for a hermeneutical detour towards this social link of proximity. “On which path of attribution of the memory are the relatives?” Ricœur asks himself. Indeed, relatives are an opportunity to think about recognition by the path of remembrance. This exploration of the attribution of memories opens the connection of memory to recognition on a particular scale of the social bond, that of proximity.


Proximity; Memory; Phenomenology; Sociology; Recognition


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