Ce que l’action doit à l’affection. Éléments d’une phénoménologie de l’initiative chez Ricœur

Emmanuel Nal


This essay will try to understand how the problem of the genesis of initiative arises. It will begin by questioning affective perception from the standpoint of the concept of the owned body, to then show how the intentionality that characterizes its relation to objects is also what directs a desire, made explicit by Ricœur through the concept of “thumos.” The ethical intention will proceed from the desire: desire to manifest a freedom, desire that the freedom of others comes about. From these elements of analysis, we shall try to show how initiative articulates the teleological and ethical aspects of ethics, takes part in the advent of an ethical subject while arousing its creativity.


Initiative; Affectivity; Own Body; Desire; Ethics

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/errs.2018.443

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