A Poetics of the Self. Ricoeur’s Philosophy of the Will and Living Metaphor as Creative Praxis

Iris J. Brooke Gildea


This article presents the conceptual groundwork for a “poetics of the self” by theorizing how and why a creative praxis rooted in Ricoeur’s philosophy of the will and hermeneutics of the living metaphor contributes to an individual’s on-going development of self-awareness. Its focus is on the affective fragility that manifests in an individual’s intermediary status of polarities – finitude and infinitude, freedom and nature – in conjunction with Ricœur’s tensional status of metaphorical truth. The act of writing poetry, it suggests, can be an aesthetic mediation that develops insight into the primordial discord of the servile will.


Paul Ricoeur; Poetics; Hermeneutics; Self

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/errs.2018.436

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