Adolf Grünbaum critique de Ricœur

Philippe Lacour


In this article, I try to reconstitute the inchoative debate that took place between Ricœur and Grünbaum concerning the epistemology of Freudian psychoanalysis. The debate was more inchoative than effective because of its asymmetry (Grünbaum read and analyzed Ricœur, but the converse is far from certain). First, I will underline the originality of Ricœur’s theory of motivation (as a mix of reason and cause) and causality (teleological). Then, I will examine the rest of Grünbaum’s objections: the overvaluation of clinical relationship and language, the ontological specificity of psychical reality, the narrative originality of the psychoanalytical explanation and the status of symbol. I finally conclude by underlining the added value of the debate concerning the specificity o


Grünbaum, Epistemology, Motivation, Reason, Cause


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