Temps et psychanalyse chez Ricœur. Confrontation de deux perspectives sur le passé

Rudolf Boutet


This paper confronts two conceptions of the past that one can find alternately in Ricœur’s thought. The first, encountered in Time and Narrative and elsewhere, apprehends the past as a soil of possibilities able to guide expectations directed towards the future; the second, taken back from Freud’s psychoanalysis, defines it as a charge that haunts the present as a compulsive repetition. There are two issues to this confrontation between a past that opens up a future and one that closes it. On the one hand, we want to show what effects Ricœur’s lectures of Freud have had on his own philosophy of time; on the other hand we want to reveal, in the light of the problem that rises from a haunting past, the practical scope of the idea of an indeterminate past


Paul Ricœur, Time, Psychoanalysis, Repetition, Imagination

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/errs.2016.333

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