L’espace habité que réclame l’assurance intime de pouvoir: Un essai d’approfondissement sociologique de l’anthropologie capacitaire de Paul Ricoeur

Marc Breviglieri


This article considers two sociological postures in relation to Paul Ricoeur’s anthropology of capable man. The first sociological approach scrutinizes the concept of human capacity from the perspective of Ricoeur’s hermeneutics. The second approach elaborated here aims to study the fundamental phenomena of the practical sphere exposed in Philosophie de la volonté. The question of capacities is raised to the upper level, where primitive sensitive experiences are carried out and human beings are still considered to be dependent on vital functions. A reflection will be carried out on the inner certainty of being able to be capable and consubstantial foundation of a practical space integrated by familiarity with the body schema. This study will allow for a critical illumination of social policies currently focused on the activation of individual capacities.


Sociology, Inhabited, Primitive, Life, Familiarity

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