Mémoires et conflits: Conflits des mémoires, collision des durées

Jean-Louis Vieillard-Baron


There is a collision between the durations and between the memories, every time that duration rythms are different. For Bergson there is a difference of degrees of tension between durations but the flow is unique. Ricœur distinguishes many degrees of passeity according to the proximity or the distance. As example he sets the Zauberberg of Thomas Mann. Forgetting and Forgiveness are forms of durations collision. The distensio animi of Saint Augustine means dissipation  Ricœur misunderstands this expression what means for him phenomenological intratemporality, and he goes no further than tearing of soul distant from eternity.


Memory, Duration, Collision, Flux, Dispersal, Forgetting, Forgiveness, Past

DOI: https://doi.org/10.5195/errs.2013.207

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