Recognition and Exteriority: Towards a Recognition-Theoretic Account of Globalization

Sebastian Purcell


This essay aims to extend Paul Ricœur’s account of recognition to address some of the concerns of globalization, especially those voiced by Enrique Dussel. The extension is accomplished in two parts.  First, Dussel’s account of spatial existence as dwelling is reviewed as it is pertinent to the concerns of globalization.  Next, it is demonstrated that each of the aspects of Ricœur’s account of recognition may be given a spatial re-articulation.  The results thus establish an outline of how recognition theory might address some of the concerns of globalization.  The essay concludes with several consequences for the modification of recognition politics as one finds it in the late work of Ricœur and in Axel Honneth’s ongoing inquiries. 


Dussel, Globalization, Privilege, Recognition, Space

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