La Ucronía reconsiderada: Ricœur y la reivindicación del concepto del último día

Luis Vergara Anderson


In the third volume of Ricœur’s Time and Narrative we find a proposal concerning the ethical-political responsibilities of the historian –and in general of all professionals in the field of history–based on the distinction experience space / expectation horizon due to Reinhart Koselleck. In this paper we first describe what it seems to be for us the core of this proposal, which refers (negatively) to the notion of utopia; we then proceed to review Ricœur’s most important texts on this notion; and, in third place we argue that a certain line of thinking developed in Latin America can be connected with Ricœur’s proposal, complementing it, prolonging it, and correcting it. 


Ricœur, Koselleck, Matus, Ethics, Utopia


Copyright (c) 2011 Luis Vergara Anderson

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